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Entrance to the museum can be arranged every day for individuals and groups directly with the local history society “Heimatverein” at short notice. For this, please contact

Mr. Ebisch, phone 0049 2682/3431 or

Mr. Salterberg, phone 0049 2682/3425 or

Mr. Udo Schmidt from the local municipality, office in the cultural centre “Kulturhaus”, some 100m from the Raiffeisen Museum,

phone 0049 2682/969789

Mon -Thurs 8:30 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 16:00

Fri 8:30 to 12:00

At these times, entrance to the museum may also be arranged on the spot immediately.




German Raiffeisen Museum

Raiffeisenstrasse 10

D-57577 Hamm (Sieg)

Federal Republic of Germany

…in Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen`s birthplace.


When Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen was born on 30 March 1818, this house belonged to the surgeon Georg Friedrich Lanzendörfer, an uncle of Raiffeisen`s mother. The birth is said to have taken place in this house.


Raiffeisen`s birthplace was bought from the Raiffeisen Printing Company in 1998 by the local municipality of Hamm. As stipulated under the contract, members of the local history society of Hamm converted the house, now governed by public law, into a memorial dedicated to Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen. For the purpose of operating the museum, a sponsorship contract was concluded between the local history society and a group of cooperative sponsors as early as 1999. The current German Raiffeisen Museum also houses the archive of the sponsors` group.


More than 30 modern and easy-to-use audioguides are nowadays available at the museum; a friendly voice explains the exhibits and provides worthwhile information about Raiffeisen`s ideas and deeds. This interesting audio-guided tour is currently available in five languages (German, English, French, Japanese, Spanish). Other languages may eventually be added, if required because of the international composition of visiting groups.


In view of the fact that the German Raiffeisen Museum is an old residential house with small rooms, a shortened audioguide version is shown in a film (with information in five languages) for larger groups or on special request in the cultural centre.